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Topic: My dad developing leukemia.
General Purpose: To inform.
Specific Purpose: At the end of my presentation, the audience will know how the story of my dad shaped me into having the values of appreciation and staying positive.
Central Idea: My dad is the reason for my values appreciation and being positive.
Organizational pattern: Topical.
Can you imagine starting your senior year with everything going for you, and then about three months before the end of it receiving the news that your dad had the most deadly type of leukemia? Until March second I know I couldn’t. But on the day of March second my life changed forever.
I will be telling the story of how my dad having leukemia impacted my life and shaped me to have the values of staying positive and appreciating what you have.
To start off I will be telling you the story of how my dad’s leukemia was discovered, diagnosed, and treated.
He had a cold for the past two weeks that he could not get rid of, so he decided to go to the Doctor’s Office to see about getting antibiotics. His Doctor realized he had not had his annual blood tests done, so just as a routine she completed them.
My father’s doctor called him that night with the results of his blood tests and had him go to the emergency room immediately because all of his blood counts were extremely low.
The doctors in the emergency room explained that they were going to do a bone marrow biopsy that night to determine whether or not the low counts were from leukemia or from having a cold.
The next day my dad’s results came back that he had leukemia, and my dad decided he wanted to be transferred from the Rolla hospital to Barnes-Jewish in St. Louis.
At Barnes doctors completed a series of tests which determined that my dad had acute myeloid leukemia.
Barnes started a two month treatment of chemo that put my dads leukemia into remission.
After being released from the hospital May third my dad just had to go back to the hospital one week out of the next four months for continued treatment, and as of now he has completed the last treatment and is still in remission.
Transition: Now that I have told you the story of my dad’s fight with leukemia, I will tell you how it has shaped my values, and turned me into a more positive and appreciative person.
Finally, I will tell you how my dad having leukemia changed my values and changed me.
Whenever my dad was in the hospital those two months my sister and I would go up to see him at least twice a week, and every time we did there was never a day my dad did