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Personal Narrative My goal at Durham Tech is to get my degree in computer program no matter how long it takes me .Because I have great plan for the computer program degree. I want to use my knowledge medical issues and the computer programing to come up the software that can make healthcare more assessable to everyone though mobile app and making healthcare smarter. Before I came to Durham Tech I was working a lot of hour as a Certified Nurse Assistant .One day I was sating at work just think about my future and I said to myself I see no way I’m going to be the man I want to be without a college degree So that morning I when got off of work I head over to Durham tech .At the time I had no idea what Durham tech offer .So I went to talk an adviser and he help me finger out what degree I should take If I had an interest in Software development . My strategies to make sure I’m successful in my class is to manage my time very well. So I want get behind in any of my class because that an uphill battle. Secondly I going to put in the time to study everything. I need to know to be successful in the computer program .Thirdly I make sure I come to every class ready and willing to learn. The way I can make a seamless transition to my career is by doing my research on the job outlook so went I graduate I can find a job. I feel my academic program and my career match my personal values in the following way .I’m a person that loves to learn new information and computer program