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Personal Narrative It’s a starry night on a cold October night, the breeze chilling to the bone. Nights like these remind me of solemn memories and lessons learned in the harshest way. It was around this time about two years ago that I learned to never take anything, or anyone, for granted. There’s a friend of mine I lost to suicide two years ago, I’ll just call her Ashe. She struggled with depression, abuse, and what happened two years ago taught me in the hardest way to not take anything for granted. Like an alarmingly high amount of teens, Ashe suffered from anxiety and depression that reared its ugly head at every turn. I knew the problems she was going through, I never knew how bad it was though. I tried my best to help in any way I can, but the miserable truth is that there’s not much that someone like me can do except just be there. Ashe was also a cutter which made me feel pressured and upset about that fact which made me make some regrettable decisions. Another problem she unfortunately suffered through was domestic abuse from her step-father, something else I could not do anything about. Her step-father knew some friends who worked with the police which only made Ashe feel more helpless as he got away with throwing things at her, hitting her, and who knows what else. I did not figure out about this until it was far too late, although it was something else I unknowingly pressured her about which eventually drove her off the deep end. The October night