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Selena Aguilar
Professor Johnson
ENG 101
5 July 2015
The Struggle of writing Growing up in a family that always pushed for excellence in the classroom made me afraid to come home with anything less than an A. Most of my peers completely despised reading. I looked forward to getting reading assignments. However, I feel that I lack experience in writing, I have a love hate relationship with English, especially when it comes to writing assignments. It is the one and only vulnerable spot in my otherwise invincible academic armor. I hate writing. Other than passing and jotting down notes, I cannot recall writing anything decent since "1984" by George Orwell essay. This was a teacher assigned report in my sophomore year of high school English class. Not that I hadn’t written essays or reports a lot before that, I just don't remember much else, anything that I actually enjoyed that is. Now, with this writing assignment in a college class, my brain feels like an old rusty engine of an 67’ mustang cranking up for the first time in years, readying to compete in the heat.

My dad and my favorite science teacher have always told me that I am a very bright individual and my accomplishments in other subjects prove that. Whenever I brought home writing assignments from school, my dad would always go over them with me, he would give me feedback and suggestions, I didn’t think much of it at the time but all those things helped me improve. I graduated with a 3.98 and was honor roll. In high school I mastered the subjects of math, science, and history, however when faced with writing, I would coward in fear. To me, writing equals to nothing more than stress and frustration. I felt like I was stuck in quicksand when writing, it seemed as if the more I struggled the more I got stuck with writers block. Time is of the essence when trying to compose an essay for class. Therefore, I have shied away from this area for as long as I can remember and continued to focus all my energy toward the areas I have excelled in.

The writing compartment in my brain is very restricted. I lack flexibility in the use of words and phrases. A typical sentence of mine starts with "I", "It", "The", "My", "Therefore". It is difficult for me to get creative and find a good ‘starter sentence’ as my high school English teacher would say. It wasn’t until my senior year at Kearny that I finally felt more comfortable composing essays and reports. My English teacher Ms. LaBrucherie was one of the best instructors I’ve had so far she would spend extra time with me after school and occasionally give me some of her own essays to go over and see how a good essay was to be composed. There was something after her teaching method that just