Personal Narrative

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On October 23, 2007 I celebrated my sixth birthday, and I got a guitar. Playing a guitar at the age of six was really unpleasant and complicated. I was so horrible at it that it got to the point I had to quit after 1 month. After weeks of not playing my guitar not in any condition did I ever touched it again. On February 1 2008 my mom told me and my little sister that she is pregnant. We were so excited and my sister over reacted a little bit, however we were extremely adrenalized. After 9 months my mom gave birth to Joshua Omeje at 4:36 at a hospital called Al. Ruwais hospital. It was an exciting moment for my family when my brother was born. Many family and friend came to visit us and gave him some gift. When my little brother was born me and my sister were not allowed to carry him . …show more content…
After months of living in our new house, my dad found out that our house had a plumbing issue, due to that we had had to move to a new place. My new house had 3 bath room and 4.5 bath room. Me and my little sister slept in the same room, however my brother slept with my parents. I spent my first summer with my little brother in our new house. In the summer my parents usually go to the beach, sometimes we go to the park, however we mostly went to Abu Dhabi. After the summer break I moved to grade 3 at the age of 6 (I was almost 7 year). At school I decided to join band so that I can learn how to play the guitar, playing it was challenging and indefatigable, however I decided to quit for good. Grade 3 was grueling, I did not do quite well so my parents were not impressed with me, due to my performance they decided to get me a tutor. My tutor was helpful and nice because of him I started to excel in academic. As I was growing up I started loving math as my favorite subject, because I found it