Personal Narrative

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As soon as I ran into my room, I could sense that something was out of place. I thought it was my homework or that I did not feed my pet fish Arnold, but whenever I thought of my pet fish I thought of my pet dog Rocky. The last time I saw him was before I left my grandparents house. Where could he have been, I checked the kitchen, the backyard and my parents room. This happened very often so it did not bother me. While I waited for Rocky I did my homework and ate dinner, but when it became dark I was done. Without asking I went to a nearby park to look for it, but there was no luck there. When I got home my parents were furious, they were sad were my dog was but were mad why I had left before asking. “Where have you been!” My mom asked. “I …show more content…
It was so unfair how my parents think that I am doing something wrong, I was trying to find our dog. I sat in my room until I fell asleep thinking where Rocky was. In the morning my mom woke me up, I did not want to wake up to listen to her lecture but I did. “Rosewood, wake up they found a missing dog!” My mom stated. “What, were did they find it!” I asked. “Along the road, a man found it,” Mother explained. “Ok, hurry let’s go check it out!” I forced.
After breakfast my mother and I went to go identify if it was our pet, deep inside I wished it was Rocky. When we arrived they gave my mom papers to fill out, and while she was doing that I was reading a magazine. We waited about an hour whenever they called our name to see my dog. When I walked through the door, I screamed it was Rocky, with a strange old man. The man said that the dog came to his house for some shade and finally got used to it. Which was pretty accurate because Rocky hates to be hot. Whenever my mother and I told Rocky to come with us he could not budge, he was moaning. The vet checked him out and found that, Rocky had cancer. No, he could not I kept on telling myself, but this was reality and it was