Personal Narrative: A Business Trip To New Mexico

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“Colin are you ready to go to the train station?!”My mom yelled up the stairs. I was getting ready to visit my grandparents house in New Mexico over summer, because my parents were going to Brazil for a business trip. “Yeah,”called down to my parents. I walked down the stairs with my suitcase dragged behind me. I got into our bright red ford to go. If only I knew what would happen when I got to my grandparents house. Later, at the station I waited for the train to leave to New Mexico. I knew it would take a while so I brought stuff to entertain myself. When, I was finally in New Mexico I went to the restroom, but when I looked into the mirror I didn’t see me… a beast was staring back at me, he had gleaming red eyes, razor sharp fangs, two empty holes instead of a nose, fiery red hair, and bat-like wings. ”whoa!”I cried out in surprise. I blinked he was still staring at me with his red eyes. …show more content…
That’s when I realized it was coming from the basement should I ignore it or investigate? I think to myself. Finally, it get to annoying and I can’t stand it. I grab a flashlight and enter the living room. I move the carpet and open the trapdoor. Then, the thudding stops, silence now, just the the creaky stair boards creaking. after, I shine my flashlight around, my heart is pounding, the only thing I see is covered furniture and old cabinets then I see the door. It is a tiny door about 2 feet with red fading paint on it. The next thing that happens, I still can barely believe, is that the doorknob slowly turns… I wasn’t there for another moment I ran up the stairs and slammed the door shut and pulled the rug over. Luckily, my grandparents must have been heavy sleepers because I could tell they were still sleeping. Finally, I went to my bedroom and laid awake for the rest of the