Personal Narrative: A Career As A Career Coach

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Growing up I thought I knew the career I wanted. As you get older you realize that you may have changed your mind about that career path. This recently happened to me. I always knew I would make the perfect teacher due to some skills I have. I have grown up working in my father’s restaurants and have had the mindset that this would be the route I would be taking for my career. After recently coming to a realization, I will follow the dream career I have of being a teacher. What made me come to this belief are the recent personality test I have taken. According to the VARK Questionnaire, people who have an aural style of learning often learn well from hearing the information. People who have a kinesthetic style learn more from examples and senses (Career Services). Another personality test is the Keirsey Temperament Sorter. This test shows the results of an Artisan; it would mean that the ability to excel in any of the arts is a trait but also that business is a trait. This characteristic is more than likely to result in extraordinary memory and believe in doing fun and exciting things (Career Services). To get a better look at someone’s personality the Career Coach shows more basic and easily understood results. Being at a high social match, this means that …show more content…
They state both strengths and weaknesses of each characteristic. Though the characteristics were slightly different for each test being that one stated the excelling in arts and the other being very sociable, there was one test in particular that stuck out most to me. That test was the Career Coach. The Career Coach really was the most accurate for me when it came to having a high social match. With the reason being that I enjoy helping others and am wanting to pursue a career in the education field makes this trait a perfect fit. It was this specific test that made me come to the realization that what I have always wanted to do was really what I should