Personal Narrative: A Career As An Athletic Trainer

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Everybody has the dream of being rich and famous but that does not always happen. When I was young, I used to have those dreams, but ever since I started my high school career, it changed because it made me realize what my dream really was. The dream I had was of being an athletic trainer for a big sports team and going to Ohio State.

The reason for my dream of being an athletic trainer is because I love playing sports and always wanted to help out people who get injured. The way I decided I wanted to be an athletic trainer was because of the injuries that had happened to me. For instance, when I sprained my wrist and I was wondering how to like help get it better. Also when the sprain happened, it was good and bad. It was good because I would learn about ways to help the sprain
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Like if you get hurt real bad during a game or something, they know how you can stretch it out and what to do to make it better. Also, when I got hurt during a practice I used to go to the trainer, to get checked up. They would stretch me out and then ask “where was it hurting?” and “how did it happen?”. You might be thinking that is all they did and you just fell in love with the idea of become one. But to be honest, that's not why I fell in love with the idea of becoming an athletic trainer. Also, the reason why I wanted to become an athletic trainer is because of the people they work with and how they help players with their problems. They say players and coaches are clutch during last minute game situations, but the real people who come in clutch are the athletic trainers, because they are the ones who keep the players in track and healthy to play in the games. The trainers are the ones that decide if the players could play in that game if they are coming off an injury. So, the real MVP’s are the athletic trainers because they are always their for the players and their