Personal Narrative: A Divided Home

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“Paiton, there is something very important that I need to explain.”said my anxious mother.
When I heard those words I just knew something grave was about to be said. But keep in mind,I was only five years old when my mom sat me down in our newly purchased home, and at this time I didn’t understand much, but the tone in my mom trembling voice was something I have never heard before.
“Paiton, your father and I are getting a divorce, as you see now we live in a different house,but that doesn’t mean that you won’t see your dad any less.” Who knew that such simple words could bring such sorrow. But in that instant I realized my home was a divided home.

The fairy tale of a life all started in 1990. It was just starting to snow and there was
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On June 25th of 2005 I woke on a crisp,sunny,summer morning and,along with the rest of my family,I sat at the breakfast table ready for my mom to make her usual breakfast feast which consisted of eggs,sausage,and rich homemade blueberry pancakes. When the breakfast was passed around and everyone started to dig,out of the blue Michael said,”Hey mom,pops, i’m going to go down to cousin Todds and ride the go-kart. Now this wasn’t unusual because Michael always rode the go-kart. Michael sprinted out of the door with 9 year Marcus trolling along after him. About 4 hours passed by and by then it was about noon. I was playing with my sisters making some candy jewelry to do a fashion show to show our parents. Then 5 minutes later there was a frantic knock on the door. My mom ran to the door and behold,it was our neighbor and all I remember her saying is,”They think you’ve lost your boys.” and my mom bolting out the door and jumping in the neighbor's black car and rushing down the road to see that her 14 year old and 9 year old were laying in pools of blood from a go kart accident. My brothers were in the ambulance with my mom taking off to the hospital. After weeks in the hospital Michaela and Marcus were both out of ICU and were ready to come back home. They came back home after 4 weeks in the hospital and my parents were stressed out. They were stressing about how they were going to pay the rest of the hospital