Personal Narrative: A Life Changing Experience

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In life we are faced with many challenges, I found my most challenging lesson to be when I injured my knee in the regional final soccer game, my sophomore year. The second half of the game had just started, when I blew my knee out. I had gone to the doctors after it had happened, to learn I had torn my ACL, MCL, fractured and dislocated my knee cap. After finding this out I was more or less speechless, for I would soon come to learn that I had to have surgery, physical therapy, and have a brace to wear for sports. I thought to myself that it was the end of my sports career, and I would never be the same. After surgery it really hit me hard I was unable to walk or even move my leg. On my first day of physical therapy they had me lay down and …show more content…
I found out that I had no strength in my injured leg, for I couldn't even lift it off the table without help. That day I realized how hard this was actually going to be; however, I told myself that this was not going to be the end of my sports career in high school, I told myself that I would come back stronger and better. I went to therapy every single day for 5 months after that day, and every single day I could feel myself getting back to normal, and getting stronger. After a long grueling 5 months of therapy, I finally cleared to play sports and was fitted for my brace. On June 1st, I started traning for the fall soccer season. I went to soccer that day terrified of what might happen, and how I would have felt; however, I went there and gave it my all. That season I gave it 100 percent every game, and continuted to get better and keep playing. While I may have thought my life was over after my knee and nothing would be the same, I came to realize that you can control what will happen, and how hard you will work to get back to where you were and even push youself to be better. I`ve learned from this experience a lot of different