Personal Narrative: A Short Story

Words: 456
Pages: 2

For the second time today, I bump into another guy and fall once again. This one is a blondie. He's cute is a surfer way. Not my type.

He atares at me for a minute, sprawled on the geound, and beguns to double down in laughter. He continues to laugh until I am on my feet and his books are the ones sprawled on the ground. His laughter dies down, and his face begins to glower. He suddenly grabs the books in my hand and pushes them to the ground. And down fall my books. Frustrated I kick one of his books across the hallway, in retaliation he repeats my actions. This soccor match between us-the books being the balls- continue until the bell rings. I rush to gather my books that have somehow traveled to every corner of the hallway. Blondie is simply watching as I gather them. The final bell rings to signal the beginning of lunch.
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He stares back, daring me to speak first. I stay still, determined to have him groveling at my feet for mercy.

With the speed, of some inhuman creature, his hand reaches across to my face to tweak my nose. Startled, I take a step back and let out an attractive sqeak. Blondie's face breaks out in a wide grin. He exstends his arm, "Samual Smith at your service, m'lady." His voice sounds like a blanket covered in donut designs. I grin and curtsey.

"Tis quite an honor to meet such a redeemed knight. Especially in this hell." His nose wrinkles as I compare highschool to hell.

"Indeed, m'lady. Twas incredibly tiresome to travel here, but for you... I would do anything." His grey eyes twinkle, giving them an almost silver shade.

"Your journey does indeed sound tiring, perhaps a feast is needed for my brave night?" My stomach has been rumbling since second period. The though of a turkey sandvich makes my knees