Personal Narrative: A Traumatic Experience With Divorced Parents

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At the age of five my parents got divorced. Though many people like the think that parents splitting up is some earth shattering traumatic experience, the split was probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me and has dramatically shaped who I have become as a person. My mom found the love of her life which gifted me with a second and incredible father and my dad found love himself even though it didn't have the happy ending my mom has found so far. The experiences that have come with divorced parents such as gaining people and losing people have made me so much better than I ever could have been without it. My mom didn't wait very long to get into a new relationship after the split with my dad. At the time and being young, of course it upset me. It felt like a betrayal to my father and to our family to so easily abandon all hope of them and try to create a new family with someone else. Yet if you believe in fate, it's hard to be mad at her for moving …show more content…
There was never a single moment where I felt like an outsider in his family. Maybe that was because I had an early head start and his sister Tereasa was my neighbor and her son Chase had been my playmate for years, but it felt like more than that. It had to of been more than that because it was so easy for Tereasa to no longer be called my neighbor but to be called my aunt, and for Chase to be my cousin. To Cody's parents I became their granddaughter and they became my grandparents, which no effort at all I had a brand new family. The lesson in that is huge, that family isn't just blood. Family is filled of all the people in your life, people who are flawed and challenging but you keep them there and you love them and remain loyal to them because no matter what the circumstances, they are family. I got so lucky that I was integrated into such a loving and gracious group of