Personal Narrative About Gender

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Personal Narrative: Gender One of the few I things I think about is gender. Most times when I think about inequalities or issues of some kind they are racial, religious, or socio-economic. However, I do believe that there are just as many problems today with gender as anything else, and the accounts in my gender log can support that. Most of the interactions I had portrayed some sort of gender unfairness. Some of them included some comments made by family and friends, usually on petty topics, but they still should some relevance to gender. For example, my mother, at my nephews birthday party, readily told him that he should take off his sister’s Hello Kitty glasses before his father caught him. There was also the time when I asked for my boyfriend’s approval on a pair of pants I thought were nice, but he thought they were too boyish and baggy and not womanly and fitting the way he believed they should. Another time I was in the senior lounge with a friend and a commercial for WWE came on that said it would be coming to Cleveland. When I asked my friend if she wanted to go she said absolutely not. According to her it was too stupid, and something only “stupid guys” would watch. These are only a few of the instances I can think of, but I’m sure in my lifetime I’ve encountered gender issues before. Until now, I never realized how relevant it was in life. It seems that most people are ok with the idea that men and women (or girls and boys) are supposed to be a certain