Personal Narrative: An Immigration To America

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It’s been over fifteen years since my parents decided to move to America from Poland so we can live the “American dream.” Growing up in America as an immigrant, I learned that America has their own manners and rituals which I was able to adjust to quit easily. However, I knew I had to sustain a strong relation to my country to remind myself why parents sacrificed everything for me to have a better future. Being an immigrant in America has shaped me to be a open-minded, grateful, and understanding person.

In America, I get to become the person I want to be. I get to decide what kind of school I want to go to. I get to decide what kind of career I want for myself. Having all these opportunities in front of me I had to be open-minded. Knowing that there are others in other countries that aren’t able to get the same
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Those experiences has made me into a giving person. I know people that are less fortunate that are my age would love to have all the things I have. Anything I may want anymore such as clothes, shoes, any furnitures, or anything that I know someone else would need I always make sure to give it away. I feel as if it’s my job to help anyone in any kind of form because I know how lucky I am for everything that I have.

Being an immigrant in America isn’t easy. There are obstacles you have to go through that may make you have many different types of emotions. Seeing other families spend time together, be able to spend money on certain things, I always wondered why my family wouldn’t be able to do those things. I had to understand that my family had to work all the time to provide for me. I had to understand why I wasn’t able to have the same things as my friends. In the beginning it was frustrating but as I grew older I was able to accept it and understand that my family was doing all that they