Personal Narrative Analysis

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I got to the store and it was a slow day due to many of our customers on vacation this time of year. I talked to my assistant managers about management responsibility to get a better idea for my paper. The month is over on Saturday and we will need to make up an additional $7,000 to make team share for the month that is our store bonus. I had a sale a woman came into the store who bought a purse that we took down from the display due to transfers, and was able to save the sale by offering her the same purse, but in a different size. Luckily, transfers were not complete for this group of handbags and I was able to trade out her purse. I then went over my monthly goal, and focused on what I could sell because my month goal was raised from last …show more content…
The issue for today was a man came in with a water buffalo wallet he had gotten last month from our store, and the wallet had been damaged from wear and tear. He had his original receipt, and I asked if he would like merchandise credit but he said that his other money clip wallet that is also Coach was also coming apart. I offered him a receipt card holder to put his cards in but he transferred his wallet items into the money clip wallet that was old. He was upset that the items he had were coming apart. I refunded his wallet as a damage item, and gave him his money back on his card. With men’s wallets we have issues with the binding or the edge stain that glues the leather on wallets and is very thick. After wear and tear and sitting on these wallets, many come apart or have stitching issues. Our return policy states that unused merchandise may be returned, however I feel that our store returns items that have not been taken care of, even though our merchandise is expensive it is not indestructible The man’s wallet had a whole in the bottom of the billfold area, and I gladly returned it. Our store has a lot of returns, and