Personal Narrative: Becoming A Labor And Delivery Nurse

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As Robert Louis Stevenson once said “Everyone who got where he is had to begin where he was.” With that being said I have numerous of educational goals set myself. Some of my goals are long-term and some of them are short-term. Graduating high school is one of the main goals every individual should want to reach. Going to college is also on my goals to achieve list. Becoming a Labor and Delivery nurse is my lifelong goal. “The starting point of achievement is desire” Napoleon Hill once said. All through high school the only thing I could think of was finally being finished with high school. Also getting to walk across the stage with a cap and gown on has always been one of my dreams. I have always done my complete best on every assignment I have ever been assigned. I have never been the student to give up on work because I got bored or maybe because I did not understand, If I knew that I was required to complete the assignment I did it all to the best of my ability. As any individual may know we have been told all of our lives that the only stupid question is the one unasked. I learned from that quote. If I ever misunderstood …show more content…
As mentioned before I plan on being a Labor and Delivery nurse. I plan on working at Coosa Valley Medical Center in Sylacauga Alabama. I really want to be a Labor and Delivery nurse because I enjoy helping others. I also love babies. I would love being a nurse on this unit because I would enjoy coaching the mothers during delivery. I am also very compassionate and also tactful. I want to be a nurse in labor and delivery because it has been my lifelong dream to help bring babies into the world. I know that being a Labor and Delivery nurse may sometimes be like an obstacle course. I also know that not every day will be the same so the work environment will change daily. I am also aware that I sometimes will have to work holidays and very long shifts. Labor and delivery is my