Personal Narrative: Blue Valley High School

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I constantly wonder what kind of legacy I would leave at Blue Valley High School. My principal always preaches to us we should “Leave our mark” at the school, but as an underclassman that saying never really reverberated with me. I figured once I became an upperclassman I would find my place. When I became an upperclassman, I realized I just didn’t have an overwhelming set of skills in one particular area. My brother left his mark on BVHS; he was the first doubles tennis State champion in our school’s history. My friends also win their fair share of state championships, but I never could find my specific area of expertise. Feeling as if I was the only one of my friends and family who didn’t have a significant achievement, I needed to find my place and become a leader. My school strives for excellence. We win …show more content…
I knew this is why I signed up for newspaper and that is what I was there to do. I had always been told I was a good writer, but now I got to write about what interested me, sports. I am an avid sports fan, I enjoy going to school sporting events and I spent most of my weekend watching sports. Now, I got to actually write about my school’s sports. I finally felt like I was contributing to my school. One thing I particularly enjoy about sports writing is highlighting certain athletes and activities to the rest of the school. I even got the opportunity to meet and do a mini broadcasting event with our local high school sports station and do it with a member of ESPN. That will always be one of the pinnacles of my high school career, but it wasn't the last one. I also got the opportunity to compete in a regionals sports writing competition, which I won, and got the opportunity to compete in a State competition. I finally reached my very own goal and got to leave my own mark on Blue Valley High School. I definitely didn’t see myself in this position as a freshman, but as a senior I couldn’t see any other