Personal Narrative

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I'm in class, waiting for the bell to ring as I drum my fingers on the desk.

"Miss Whitmore!" said my math teacher, jolting me back to class. "I know you can't wait to get out of here and do whatever it is you teens do these days, "she said, trying to hide her anger " but can you please pay attention to the task at hand?"

I smile apologetically and focus on the board. Numbers upon numbers, with a few signs thrown here and there. God, I hate math. I hate everything that has to do with it. Whoever invented it should have been burnt at the stake, chopped up and served to lions. After about ten million years of waiting, the bell finally rings. I race out of there faster than you could blink.

"Sapphire! Wait up!" yells my best friend Caitlin Miller. I stopped and groaned.

"Run!" I yell.

"What does it look like I'm doing?” she yells back.

I'm about to tell her to run faster when she catches up with me. "Thank Jesus," I say when she reaches my side. "Now let's go home"

. "Yeah, about that. I can't come to your house today. I'm meeting Jake".

Jake is Caitlin's boyfriend of three years. The two are inseparable and that ticks me off. I have absolutely no luck with boys.
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See you later then. Bye". She mumbled a reply and walked away. I began the long, lonely walk home. A few blocks away from my house, something catches my eye. It's an ad for a garage sale. I decide to go after I get home and eat. Garage sales are one of my favorite places to go to. I remember going to them with my dad when I was a little kid. Then he divorced my mom and she got custody of my sister and me. Mom decided it was best to move to Whitechapel, London. I think it was because she was fascinated with Jack the Ripper. I get home, take a shower and eat. Thirty minutes later, I'm walking to the garage sale. When I get there, I look around for stuff I might find interesting. I find