Personal Narrative: Craniosynostosis

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I was born with a condition known as craniosynostosis. A condition in which a baby's softspot starts to form as part of the skull. When this happens it leaves no room for the brain to grow. So when I was nine months old they had to bring me into surgery and do some technical stuff that I can’t really explain because I don't exactly understand it. My mom as you can imagine was scared half to death.

My sister Isla (iylah) being born. I was ten years old when my little sister Isla was born on september 9th 2013. I remember being in school and doing work and all the usual school stuff when I unknowingly got called down to the office wondering what was happening. When I got to the office of my elementary school, I saw my grandmother waiting for me and I asked what she needed and she said that my mom was having her baby!
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When we got in my mom had not had her baby so I was told I would have to wait in the waiting room. I remember sitting in the room on a green couch with one of my cousins named joclyn watching an episode of Spongebob. My Aunt had some things to do at home so she asked if me and joclyn wanted to come to her house and hang out with our other cousins. We go and get into the car and start driving to her house….. When we get there we start jumping on the tramp and playing board games and watching tv. We did this for about two hours, when finally my aunt got a call saying that my mom had the baby and her name was Isla marie