Personal Narrative

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Have you ever experienced something that you still don’t think is real? Something you’ve thought about constantly, remembering each detail specifically and you still don’t understand why or how it happened? I’ve spent the past months replaying the moments in my mind like songs on repeat, torn between it being a dream or just awful reality.
June 23rd was one of the warmest, most gorgeous days of summer, and a very memorable one, too. My best friend, Kelsey, and I had just consumed our whole Saturday 4 wheeling with her close family when we decided to drive to Rochester and devote our night eating unhealthy food and watching a movie. Not only did our parents say no to us driving an hour away at 9 o’clock at night, but we planned on going to
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My neck felt so weak like it couldn’t hold up a single hair on my head. I looked around and never felt so petrified in my life. My driver’s window was completely gone and all of the glass fragments we’d find later were in my hand and in my clothes. My windshield was half gone and so was the passenger window. The floor, the seats, and even the ceiling were covered in the dirt that belonged outside. I tried opening my door. It wouldn’t budge. I tried opening the passenger door. It too, wouldn’t budge. I crawled out my driver’s side window because that was the only way out of the metal contraption. Not wanting to touch the shards of glass still in the base of the window, I fell to the ground. I walked around my car to assess how much damage my beautiful vehicle had. Stuck in between my doors were mini trees, obviously the reason I couldn’t open them. I also saw that I made a huge divot in the side of the ditch because of my front …show more content…
The couple that lived in the house I had crashed by came out to see who it was. When the man saw me he started running and the lady ran back inside to grab her phone. He reached me at the same time Kelsey and her dad pulled up. Everyone surrounded me and started asking me questions and I couldn’t answer because of all the tears. Kelsey started crying and then looked up. Everyone turned to see my dad coming over the hill I had just drove off of. You could still see the wheel marks in the road from when I had drove it minutes before. He pulled up, picked me up, and put me in his truck and we left. On our way to the hospital he kept trying to talk to me and I all I could do was cry. I looked at my phone to find three missed calls from Spencer and about ten missed texts. I called him back, but as I was trying to speak my dad took the phone and told him I had gotten in an accident and we were headed to the