Personal Narrative: Dealing With Divorce

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When I progressed from an elementary school to a middle school, my parents were going through a divorce. In my personal opinion, this school transition was difficult as is, but I had to also worry for my parents and their emotional stability. At such a young and naïve age, I had to deal with many home issues. I went from coming home to a loving matrimony to coming to an empty, cold house. My parents separation was so much more than two people no longer living together; it was the end of a twenty-year marriage, a marriage that created the three lives they call their children. When I saw the pain my father went through as my mom decided to take us to our grandmother's house and spend the night there for a straight week, my heart shattered. This …show more content…
These negative thoughts led to a series of crying myself to sleep and feeling so alone. As selfish as the 11 year old that I was, I wanted the attention of my parents; I wanted the attention I needed, but of course, I also understood that they had to better themselves, that they needed to focus and rebuilt their own lives. Because my family was a complete mess, I had to get a grip of my own life and focus on myself. In all honestly, the first six weeks I just could not do well in school, no matter how hard I tried to pay attention, my family was the only thing I could think and focus on. Until one day, the day I changed my perspective on the situation. I got up that one morning and told myself that I was better than this; I told myself that this pain is also temporary; I told myself that this was not going to change the goals I had for myself. I started staying after school for tutoring, I joined clubs that I would had never joined if I wasn’t going through a hard time, and I joined basketball, which was the activity that helped me out the