Personal Narrative: Divorce

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Growing up my father and I were inseparable. In my eyes there was nothing that he could do wrong. He was the one who picked me up when I fell and made me laugh when I wanted to cry. Until one day, things just changed. It happened so suddenly that I couldn’t comprehend what was going on. But what six year old can ever really understand that her parents are getting a divorce. My mother, brother, and I packed up and moved away from everything I ever knew. A new city filled with new people and a new school. Adapting to this new environment was extremely hard and I began to realize that everything that I was accustomed to in my old life was gone. In middle school, I found myself in this friend group with eight other girls. We fought like all young …show more content…
These three other girls soon became a big part of my life. Unfortunately, the petty fights never really stopped - the targets were just re-directed. I suddenly found myself surrounded by people who were tearing me down. Things like “You’re too sensitive” and “We were just joking” were said often. I didn’t find the humor in jokes about my appearance. Making excuses not to hang out began to become a pattern for me. I continuously asked myself, “Why am I still friends with these girls?” I was too in denial to admit that I was just scared to be alone again. Our friendship ended; the irony in it being not because I took the initiative, but because I was accused of not being a good friend. Being rejected by people that have become such a constant part of my life was hard. Having to be alone made me realize that I never really knew who I was without them. Being able to reassess my past relationships and now see the obvious patterns. I was still wounded from the “loss” of my father, and I was unconsciously associating every other relationship in my life with him. Either too scared to open up to people or clinging with dear life to situations that may not be in my best