Personal Narrative

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For nine years of my childhood I played soccer. Yes me, Emma Zika played soccer. Disclaimer, I was just awful. I was probably worst soccer player ever. However, this is beside the point. There was one game in my whole soccer career where I actually was doing half decent! My defense was on point. My goal assists were out of this world, and I was kicking butt like it was nobody’s business. I know what you’re thinking… Emma? Kicking butt like it’s nobody’s business? My story does start out sounding positive, but have no fear my incompetence did shine through very quickly. It was a muggy evening at St. John Nueman middle school. The ICS Crusaders (my team) rolled up on the scene, we seventh graders thought we were really cool and we were here …show more content…
“Emma! Emma! Can you hear me?” My friend Sam Smith said.
“Uh I can’t see.” I replied while I was blinking madly. Had I lost my sight? What had happened to me? I felt hands all over me grabbing and pulling me. I could hear yelling…
“She hit her! What is wrong with you? Don’t you see she is hurt? No! I don’t care she did that to herself and really hurt my player.” Said one of my coaches. What in the world was happening? And that is when I felt it. The most intense pain I have ever felt spread throughout my entire head. I was on fire. Nothing else could explain this horrible pain I was in. MY HEAD WAS ON FIRE! Suddenly my sight was back and I could finally look around me… My coach helped me up and to the bench, over his shoulder I could see my dad literally running to me. Was he going to put out the fire?
On my journey back to the bench I kept dipping in and out of conscientiousness. When we were safely to the bench we sat down. I was surrounded by literally everyone that was at the game. I felt horrible and sick and like I may pass out…
“...There is an urgent care around
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I couldn’t speak coherently and I couldn’t stay awake. Finally my dad directed me to the car and we were speeding off to the closest urgent care.
Upon our arrival a woman came out with a wheelchair to put me in. I relayed my basic information to her and they sent me to my room. My dad worked very hard on trying to keep me awake. When we hear the door open my dad moved out of the way and a doctor came running in. He made my bed mobile and wheeled me into a small room with a big machine… Uh oh. I knew what this thing was… A CT scan was about to take place.
I was sent into the dreaded machine and I was lying down. This made not sleeping very difficult. The scan seemed to take the longest time ever. When they wheeled me back to my room my dad looked insanely nervous.
After the worst waiting period EVER the doctor makes his way back to my room. It turns out I had a minor concussion from another player biting me in the head… Like who even does that? So I would be suffering from major headaches and memory loss for a couple months which I blame my current slow processing brain on… but whatever because we heard rumors at the next game against them that the impact killed her teeth and now they are gray. I find this really amusing. It was her