Personal Narrative Essay About Moving To Florida

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Have you ever felt like you did not belong or felt disconnected? Having to change when you didn’t want to. Accepting change is an important part of moving on. I personally experienced this when I moved from Puerto Rico to Florida, I felt sad and because we were moving and I didn’t know why. When I got to my first school in Florida things were very different and I didn’t know if that was a good thing. After about a year living in Florida I finally felt like I had accepted moving to Florida and things were changing for the better.

I remember years ago when I was still in second grade of elementary school, I overheard my parents talking about moving to Florida. I didn’t think much of it because we had everything that we needed in Puerto Rico. We lived in an apartment complex which had a pool that was very refreshing especially in the summer, we also had a lot of cool sport facility’s. I didn’t think we needed to move. As the days passed by that conversation about moving to Florida kept popping up until the day came when my parents told me we were moving to Florida. But still I didn’t understand why, I had friends that I had known my whole life, I wondered how I was
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But after a while and a lot of learning I realized that I had to experience this episode of my life to help me understand that my parents dint have an easy choice to make, and they certainty did what they though was best for us. For a long time I was clueless about the real reason we moved. My aunt was very sick at the time and everyone thou she wasn’t going to make it, and before the worst happened my parents decided to take care of my coisin. Sometimes I still wonder why and if it was reallyworth it; especially after knowing that myaunt is fine now and my cousin doesn’t have to live with us. She is blessed to still have hee mom and for God letting them have many years to