Personal Narrative Essay: Cloud 9 Ranch

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Imagine driving six hours away and waiting for this week to happen once a year. The amount of anticipation of this trip is extreme. Packing your whole wardrobe in millions of bags and getting in trouble because you are bringing too much stuff. Well, that is me. Every year my whole family and I go to this place called Cloud 9 Ranch. Cloud 9 Ranch is in Caulfield Missouri and has nearly 6,500 acres of trails. Many people wonder how in the world did we find this place and I questioned it too. My grandma and grandpa found it when they were young. This was where they went to hang out and get away from reality and from the farm. Whenever my grandpa got sick and ended up dying my grandma stopped going down there so, she gave the membership to my uncle and my dad.
“How can we not talk about family when family is all that we got.”
My dad and his twin brother would bring a group of guys down and party and have the time of their lives.When my brothers were born my father didn’t want to stop his tradition so he bought his own membership and decided to bring my brother down with him and my mom. Then my mom ended up have two other kids
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We bring four wheelers and our camper. Usually when people think of camping they think of a tent, but no we use a camper. There is usually a group that we go with all the time and there is usually about 30 four wheelers with two people on them. So, we have a huge group when we go camping. Our group goes on four wheeler rides for about an hour at minimum, stopping for breaks along the trails. You never know what you will get into honestly. Sometimes it is a lot of dust if there is no rain. Other times there is a lot of mud so we play in the mud. While the parents are drinking the kids will play in the streams or sometimes we stop at the waterfall. Every time we stop we are always doing something. There is never a dull moment with the group of people we go