Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To Ohio

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I’d lived in Florida for my entire life up until I was nine years old, so moving to a new state was a big change for me. In fact, moving to Ohio is the biggest change in my life so far. About two months after my grandparents left from their weeklong visit, we at realized that living in Florida isolated us from the rest of our family. So, my parents came to the conclusion that moving to Ohio was a good idea. I didn’t want to go at first, but I didn’t have much of a choice. First I was withdrawn from school, along with my sisters, Callie and Alisha. I remember going to school in normal clothes instead of uniforms. “Why does she get to wear normal clothes today?” questioned Bailey, as she pointed at me with her short chubby finger. The room went …show more content…
The trip to Ohio was boring most of the time. We attempted to entertain ourselves by playing on our Gameboy’s or our Nintendo DSi’s. When they eventually ran out of battery, we played road games such as Eye Spy and the ‘Who can be silent the longest’ game. It usually ended up with Alisha saying “I lost!” as soon as the game started. I also fell asleep a lot during the day, which often led to my mom constantly reminding me to wake back up.
The trip took two days, passing through Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky. My dad drove the moving truck while mom drove my sisters and I, along with our pets, which consisted two cats, two guinea pigs, two finches, one hamster, and one dog. Needless to say, the car was jam-packed. At one point during the ride, we were in the middle of the freeway at night and Rusty, one of our two cats, had decided to sit on my mom’s shoulder like a bird. Although because her window was open, Rusty almost fell out of the car. If she hadn’t grabbed him and flung him to the passenger seat where Callie was sitting, he would have been hit by the car behind