Personal Narrative Essay: My Brain Parents

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Name- Fiza Zulfikar Maredia
In 2012, my youngest cousin was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was hospitalized. He was on his final stage and required urgent care from the nurses. I saw nurses coming in and making sure my 8-year old cousin was taken care of properly. I could see his eyes and his face getting better each day. I was inspired by the work the nurses did to take care of him. Not only did they take care of my cousin but also supported my aunt and uncle by helping them understand and cope with stress. At this time, I knew I wanted to go into a health profession that cares for people by bringing comfort into their lives during tragic situations, and nursing was the perfect option.
As I entered college, I began to take jobs that allowed me to explore
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Most of the patients here had Alzheimer's Disease, which was heartbreaking and educational. I remember one patient named Bob, who would always ask me and other caretakers where his wife was at. My heart would shatter into pieces every time he asked me about his wife. I would tell him she went shopping or she was at work, and she would be back during dinner time. I would also read books or play kickball with him to keep him distracted. In order to comfort these individuals, I would learn their likes and dislikes. My passion for helping people grew so strong that I began volunteering in Health Board Committee at the church. I worked as an assistant where I organized patients’ paperwork, helped patients’ sign in and get equipment ready for the nurses. I would also record patient's blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Volunteering at a health care environment has made me more aware of the broadness of the Health profession. These experiences have helped me gain compassion, strong leadership skills and confidence being able to comfort people with medical