Personal Narrative Essay On Earning A Driver's License

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Earning a driver's licence is a mandatory task for teenagers, if they wish to have the freedom to go wherever they please without relying on someone else to take them. What most people do not realize however, is that for a lot of people it is terrifying to have control of not only your own life but the lives of others while driving.
I had taken Drivers Ed the summer after sophomore year I had passed the class without a problem and only had to wait until I had enough hours to go and take my driving exam. Unfortunately once the school year started I became so busy with clubs, sports, and maintaining an A average in every class, I did not have very many chances to drive. Looking back at my hour sheet, I did not drive at all for about four months.
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I had lost almost all the skill I had gained earlier in Driver's Ed. I turned too slowly, I hit the curb when I tried to parallel park, I went over the speed limit unintentionally. Every mistake I made while driving made me feel a little more terrified of what it would be like without one of my parents in the car with me. I could not bear to think what would happen if I had caused a collision and be held responsible to the damage on someone else’s car, or even their body.
Eventually my parents felt that I was ready to take the driving exam whether I wanted to or not. They had scheduled me an appointment (without me knowing until a week earlier) and I was off to take the first step into becoming a responsible adult. I met the person who would be grading me as I drove and we went over all the possible ways that I could instantly fail the exam. After that we both got into the blue Drivers Ed car and were off to tour around