Personal Narrative Essay: The Day I Coming To America

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It’s been quite a while since I last wrote in here, so I decided to write the thoughts and experiences that I have had since I came to America. Today was moving day, the plane ride wasn’t good, but it wasn’t terrible. However, I didn’t get much time on the plane to determine how good or bad the ride was. This is because I was worrying about whether or not many Americans celebrate the holiday Christmas, after all it is that time of the year. Anyway, this holiday has always been the one I cherished the most. It’s about giving back to the ones we love. I knew that some Catholics and Christians lived in the U.S. but I didn’t know how many. To my surprise, all the houses we passed were decorated with Christmas lights. Also, something I was worried about would be if there was snow or not, and upon arrival beautiful white snow laced the ground. I was happy …show more content…
A lot can and has happened in just one year. My husband and I’s beautiful baby was born In May. She’s a gorgeous child, with her sea green eyes, fair skin, and silky black hair. We decided to not give her a traditional Lithuanian name because together my family and I have adapted into being defined as Americans. Her name is Annalisa Marie Petkus. Aside from Annalisa being born, my job has been going exceptionally well, I have a good job performance, and I befriended many coworkers. One of which, Karen, has become such a good friend of mine that she stole the title of Annalisa’s Godmother. Lukas, my husband, has also had good results with his job. He worked his way up to being CEO of a shipping company. However, with both Lukas and I working so much and taking care of Annalisa, we haven’t had the time to go and visit family. We haven’t seen them in person since we moved here, but on Friday’s, we talk to our families on Skype. Overall the move is having a positive effect on my family, and I wouldn’t want it a different