Personal Narrative Essay: The Future Of Healthcare

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Over the years, no matter what political party is in power, the government has continued to become a larger part of our lives. People all over the world look up to what a great country we are, and don’t get me wrong, we most definitely are, but there’s always the reality behind something good. The truth is the government has become greedy and ravenous, ready to devour and have complete world domination over our lives. Today, the government seems to have an undesirable appetite to watch us, control us, and follow our footprints on everything. Now they even insist on touching our private parts before we get on an airplane. No matter how many representatives we send to the white house, nothing seems to get better or change. Anyone that still believes in “land of the free and home of the brave” must be completely and totally mislead. Its not just one aspect of the government that has intruded into our lives, but we are witnesses to them digging further and further into our lives in many different ways. …show more content…
Today, that is not the case. Today people have to rely on a health care act, and if they qualify for it or not. Thanks to the president and our government, the landscape for health care have been dramatically changed. The average American is now forced to participate in a demanding health care system by purchasing health care. Thinking that was as bad as it could get, Americans can’t just choose any health care insurance policy they want. Health care insurance policies are now suffocating in the thousands of regulations they have. Not only that but now doctors can’t choose which patients they think are suitable enough. The doctors are now told whose is eligible and worth their time. As the new health care laws are carried out over the next decade, Americans will truly realize how much freedom they have undeniably