Personal Narrative Essay: The Hair Fiasco

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The Hair Fiasco Dyeing is something that I always wanted to do. Sometimes you just get sick of your natural hair color and opt out for something new and fresh. For years I tried to convince my mom to let me do something to my hair. Anything. Even if it was just a small streak in my hair. However, school was my main enemy here, with its super strict codes denied any students to dye their hair “unnatural colors”. They hated any form of self-expression. However, I was not going to let that stop me. I made a plan with my mom to dye my hair, whatever color I wanted during the summer before my sophomore year so I could enjoy the new hair for a couple of months. She agreed. We agreed on the color maroon, which ended up being a bright dark …show more content…
With my super light complexion, dark hair never really looked good on me; thankfully I’m a natural blonde. The newly dyed hair was super bright and looked odd with in pair of my light eyebrows. Fifteen year old I thought I looked like a rebel and a badass. The first time that I got to show off my new hair was at the Mixon Fruit Farm, a cross between lots of fruit and animals. It was a real grand time. Young children stare in awe and amazement to see someone with pink hair. Elderly ladies stare with judgement and disappointment for this generation. Other than that time, I did not really do much to show off my spectacular hair. Looking back, I wished that I did more with my hair. Over the course of the summer, the vibrant pink started to fade to a softer pink. The lighter pink was much of an improvement. July was the month where my family and I went to Disney World. So now all of my vacation is me sporting the pink hair. My mom and I agreed this color looked a lot better on me. Soon enough, summer was just nearly over. With along getting ready for my sophomore year, I was getting all my supplies ready and my first day outfit. However, the only problem was with my hair, it was against the Code of