Personal Narrative Essay: The Piano Starters Club

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Whatever you do, do not hit the wrong note. I repeat this over and over again in my head. Louder, now softer, more connected, stay in tempo. My hands move like frenzied animals, scattering to find the right chords across all 88 keys. My left hand cramps up after playing the same chords at lightning speed, but my right hand persists. I am this close to the end and I am not going to stop now. Jump, cross over, do finger acrobatics. I gently released the last note and ended the recording. I have made an Instagram piano cover in less than five takes; this calls for celebration. Now that I have uploaded another video, it is time to find another song to play. This was one of many ways that I have garnered popularity for the Piano Starters Club. I promoted free food, put up flyers around the school, and performed at coffeehouses in order to put my club out there, but social media always reigned supreme.
“Maybe if I played songs from The Chainsmokers or Beyonce I can get a ton of members to join” was what I initially thought when I started to post covers. As I started to develop a mission statement for the club, I realized that there is more to music than New York’s Top 40. The whole point of the club is to get students hyped up about music and to appreciate the variety it offers. In
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I developed a new one-on-one curriculum and it performed more efficiently than the group learning setting. Even though each student was learning piano at their own pace, I would always make time for all the students and teachers to get together and to share their music with one another. We would listen to songs from different countries, DJ remixes, and movie soundtracks, and I would share my latest cover and my interpretation of the song I was playing. The doors and windows would be wide open, and the music would be permeating throughout campus, attracting curious passersby to listen and appreciate music with