Personal Narrative: Football

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Ever since I was five years old football has been one of the biggest parts of my life. I grew up with a father who played and enjoyed watching football, so he quickly instilled that same mentality to my older brother and I. Both my brother and I played football growing. One of the first things my father taught us were the three main parts that make-up a football team. Those three main parts consisted of a football teams offense, defense, and special teams. There are many positions that make up each group. The offense is responsible for scoring, the defense is responsible for preventing the other team from scoring, and the special teams are involved in the various phases of the kicking game. Football can be a hard sport to understand,
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The offense is also broken down to three main parts. We have the offensive line which consists of the five men that are always seen on TV lined up in front of the quarterback. Their job is to protect the quarterback and the ball, and to block the other teams defensive the line. Having an offensive line is the only way the offense can continue to move forward. I played on the offensive line and it is one of the most important positions that people over look. It would be nearly impossible for a team’s offense to score without them. The next positions for the offensive side are the receiver’s; the wide receivers main job is to catch the ball when the ball is thrown to them. Usually the wide receivers are tall and fast which gives them an advantage to catching the ball. The last part of the offense is the backfield. The backfield is where the quarterback always is. Most of the time, there are at least one or two running backs in the backfield as well. The quarterback is the leader of the offense, and can either throw the ball or hand the ball off to the running backs. Often times, offense is the favorite part for people to watch because it is exciting to watch a team …show more content…
The special teams get looked down upon in the game of football. People do not think they are important but, this is not always the case. The special teams are mainly the kicking aspect of football. First is the kick off, this is to start the game, and also to restart the game once a team scores. The teams who scored will return the ball back to the opposing team. Next, the field goal unit is the special teams unit that is used when a team is trying to score a field goal or an extra point. Lastly, The punter is the person who kicks when a team reaches its fourth down and knows it is extremely unlikely that the team will move the ball ten yards to get a new set of downs, make a touchdown or kick a field goal. The punters job is to kick the ball to the other team. Special teams controls the field position of the game, therefore it creates and provides the offense's and defense's opportunities to get the