Personal Narrative: Free-Floatinging Metal Shavings Of A Magnet

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I chose this quote because I found that I could break it up in a number of different ways and I found myself relating to it in multiple ways. When I read, ‘Details, ideas: like so many free-floating metal shavings in want of a magnet” I thought of a few different things. My first relation I made was I related my own personal ideas and details to acting as metal shavings in search for their magnet. When I write, I begin my writing process by brainstorming ideas for my topic. When I brainstorm details, a million ideas will run through my head at once. Almost as if these ideas were “like so many free-floating metal shavings in want of a magnet.” In my head, it feels like these millions of ideas circulating, searching for a place to be expressed, will leave my head almost as soon as they appeared, even faster than I could write them down. At times it will feel as if there are too many, and I will …show more content…
Something I began to think about was really just many things you can do with a piece of writing. You can express, inspire, connect, etc. One of the most beautiful parts of writing is how it can allow you to take an image of something you have created in your head, and use language to paint this picture in somebody else’s head. As if your reader’s brain is your canvas and you as the writer have the paintbrush, and each word is a brush stroke of a different color on your masterpiece. When a reader has finished with your writing, they are able to step back and reflect at your work. They are able to look into the colors you’ve painted in their mind and make their own interpretations of them and draw connections to their own life. They take your writing, and they build on it, making it so much bigger of an idea. With this in mind, I related the magnet in this quote to the reader. My details and ideas are free floating through writing, and they will stick to others who relate, as if they are the