Personal Narrative: From My Sexual Identity To Myself

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I have always thought that there was something wrong with me but I could never quite figure it out. Last Summer I was at a party, hanging out with my friends; when suddenly this girl starts hitting on me. For some reason it feels really off, and I soon realize that I am very uncomfortable, whereas most guys would be satisfied to have this attention from a girl. I do not have anything against this girl, in fact she is now one of my best friends. All my guy friends tell me to go for it and I am pressured into going in a dark room with her alone. I leave with tears building up in my eyes, I go to Alvaro, my best friend at the time, and tell him what I was feeling. I tell him that I am gay. That day was the first day that I admitted my sexual identity to myself and to someone else. …show more content…
I disliked myself so much and I was constantly angry at the world. I could not understand why I had to be different from other because I wanted to be like the rest so I could not be judged. After I accepted who I was, I started to question Christianity, my religion. I heard people everywhere saying that “God hates gays” and i believed it, which caused me to distance myself from my church. I became an atheist and when I told my parents they were not okay with it. They told me that they would not raise an atheist and this upset me because how would they react when i told them what my sexual identity