Personal Narrative: Gang Violence

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I do not live in a clichéd white picket fenced home. My home is revolved around the cruel harshness of violence that comes from gang members and villainous criminals pass by everyday. As any young kid, I grew up completely blinded by the drug-trafficking, gang violence, and gun shooting in my neighborhood that I lived in. I was unaware as a child of what revolved around me. Thinking that there was “world peace” and everyone was nice to each other. I was completely unaware of the real world.

There are many masks in which the world wears. Till you grow up and the world reveals what's under the mask, comes up from behind you and scares you. The helicopters flying in the sky, the constant police sirens and the sound of cars speeding in
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Dragging my non athletic body to run a mile was doubtful. Yet, as I began to run, my mind felt clearer, I felt less fatigued throughout the day and I slept better at night. As I began to push myself to run more miles every week, I was so astonished at myself; I never could have thought that I was capable running so many miles.

As I was getting closer to completing long distances, I injured myself, getting better in a couple of months was not feasible. However, my goal was to finish the marathon and I had to stay strong mentally and physically. With throbbing legs, and a weakening body, I continued to tell myself that I will not give up. The marathon was quickly approaching, and there were only a few months prior to the
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As the marathon started, I felt like walking instead of running, but a friend of mine said, “Do not stop running, whatever you do, do not stop”. Inspiration and motivation became crucially important when I was getting so close to the finish line when my body was failing me. I began hitting the “wall” where my legs suddenly felt heavy, swollen and my pace started to slow down. Finally, when I knew I had only two miles left, I told myself “I have gotten so far, I cannot stop now”. In the final mile, I pushed myself harder than ever before. I gave it my all and felt like I was going to collapse at the end. Although, I was in pain, I almost cried of happiness when I achieved my dream that seemed far out of