Personal Narrative: Getting My First Job

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This experience is about me trying to get my first job. Getting my first job was one of the most difficult things to do and I’m sure a lot of other people can agree on me with that. When I first tried to get my first job I was 15 and I knew it was very limited to the places I could work at. My first thought was to apply at Publix since they give young kids a chance to start working at a young age. So one day I was at school I messaged my friend and asked him if he wanted to go to Publix and fill out the paper work and apply together. He was 2 years older than me so I knew if they had to pick out of me and him they were most likely going to hire him over me. When we got there we filled out the application and waited for about 2 weeks and got no call back so we …show more content…
The school year is about to end and summer was on the way and I didn’t want to be at home doing nothing. I want to be responsible and buy all my stuff. So I ask one of my friends and ask him if he could get me a job where he worked at. He tells me he will see what he can do and that he will bring the application tomorrow. I was excited thinking maybe I have a chance at this job. The next day he comes to school and hand me the application and tells me to fill it out and give it to him as soon as possible. As soon as I go home I fill it out and couldn’t wait to get to school the next day. The next day comes and when I come to school I hand him the sheet and he tells me that he will take it to him today right after school. A few days go by and he says that he was at work and that his manager comes up to him and starts asking about me. He tells him some things about me and his manager tells him that he would be calling me in a few days. When he tells me this I almost faint, I couldn’t believe it someone was finally giving me a chance. 3 days go by and I’m just waiting very anxious until all of my sudden I get a phone call and it’s him he tells me hey and