Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Hispanic Family

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I have a big family. Four brothers and one sisters. I am a middle child. My mother’s side of the family is very small and quiet. They never got together much. My dad’s side of the family is huge and loud! My dad is Hispanic and we would get together all the time when I was little. I can recall all the good food and laughs with my cousins. I loved my dad’s side and I would always observe the difference between being Caucasian and Hispanic. I can’t speak for all Caucasians but Hispanics are much more inviting and open. This is the reason why I always wanted a Hispanic spouse.
When I talk about growing up in my family I always bring of the fact that I can’t remember much of my childhood up until I was seven. Which is always odd to me because
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I would say it was an average childhood for having a split up family. My mother worked a lot to support my brothers and I. While I only saw my dad every other weekend it was where I remember most of my childhood. We went on family vacations with all the extended family and had many sleepovers at my grandparent’s house. Sadly, I don’t remember being with my parents much. I know I was always feed and had the best clothes on back possible. My mother worked hard to get a college degree and kept a full time job that I can’t say much about her. Similar to the children in Indonesia where parents get other people to tend to their children because they are just too busy with work. My dad I saw twice a month. Therefore, my exciting times in my childhood vary. I wish a lot more stuck out to me that I could write about but I always block it out for some …show more content…
My favorite thing about growing up in my school district was it was a small community so everyone was always at the football games. I can honestly say the reason I am going to college is because the amount of influence my teachers had on me growing up. However, I ended up dropping out of school but later signed myself up in an academy so I could still graduate on time. With all that being said I can tell why I focus on my older life now. I am the parent I am today because of the way my parents raised me. I am always with son I make him my number one priority. I value relationships more and take time to enjoy the moment so that he enjoys his childhood. I appreciate living in America for so many reasons. Two of the reasons are here in America you can mistakes but always change your life around and number two I am a woman. In many countries having a girl is nothing to get excited about. Here in America a girl can achieve everything a male