Personal Narrative: Growing Up With Depression

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Growing up with depression and anxiety, I often found myself in a state of turmoil with both myself and those around me. I didn't make friends as easily as my peers, which sometimes made me feel like an outcast to say the least. Although my journey has been difficult at times, I have overcome many obstacles that I often contribute to the love I have for children. Children have a way of helping one work through the struggles that are associated with depression and anxiety. I believe at least for me this is because children are nonjudgmental and generally extremely funny. I am excited to share my story of success and how my struggles have made me a stronger more determined young lady who will graduate in May with an associate’s degree in …show more content…
As we discussed my interests, everything lead back to working with children. She suggested either a certificate or an associate's degree in child development. After a little more discussion, I was ready to pursue a college education in child development. She helped me create a list of everything I needed to accomplish before I could enroll in college. When I completed the paperwork for Central Texas College, much to my dismay, they couldn't accept my diploma because it wasn't from an accredited homeschool program. This left me yet again going back to high school, which I knew wasn't an option, or getting my GED. I finished my GED in November of 2013. I had to take a portion of it twice to have enough points but I knew it would be worth it if I was going to pursue a higher education.
Shortly after taking my GED the first time, I met a young man who swept me off my feet and we got married a short time later. I put everything on hold including my GED to be with him. I found myself in trouble shortly after the "I do's." He turned out to be controlling and abusive. With that, I had to find the strength and courage to get out. Although I managed to get out, it wasn't before I became pregnant. Today, I am a single mother of an amazing two-year-old who makes me want to push myself. I graduate in May and hope to be able to give her all she needs or desires within