Personal Narrative: Hiking The Grand Canyon

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Since I am a college student I have been asked the question “has there been any point in your lifetime that you felt a sense of accomplishment”? Although there is a lifetime of experiences ahead of me, despite my age I found my greatest accomplishment I am gratified with. My breath captivating experience hiking at the Grand Canyon has left me with a tingling sensation of satisfaction. I wasn’t very confident that I would be able to hike it due to my physical disability proved many wrong.
It was an intense scorching hot summer day in Arizona, Luke Airforce Base. My obnoxious eight AM alarm clock goes off. Forcing myself out of my comfortable bed I lead my lazy feet to the shower. Shower that gave me chills the warmth was calming. Stepping
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I am terrified I won’t make it. Hiking isn’t easy, especially not easy when you have barriers. Hiking the Grand Canyon was something I never thought I would do. I had to calm down never hurts to give new things a try. The long 4 hour drive was ahead of us. I love road trips I got to see things and areas of Arizona that I never even thought of. The sky was so blissful and blue. Yet in the back of my mind I’m still thinking to myself how I am going to do this. My stomach doesn’t feel any better at this point, but I was determined. Silence swept over the whole entire car. Nothing could be heard besides the tires moving steadily on the hot pavement. After 4 hours of driving I was exhausted. We reached our meeting place a huge sign that says “Welcome to the Grand Canyon”. The sight was absolutely gorgeous I have never seen anything like it. I was speechless. Everyone was bright eyed and ready to hike. I feel my gut spinning and turning sweat dripping down my back slowly, I’m nervous but ready. Mr. Osborn a geology professor that hiked with and explained may things regarding the Grand Canyon and its surroundings. “Here we go!” he