Personal Narrative: How A Mom Has Affected My Life

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There are many things that has impact my life and many experiences that I have learn however, when it come to the person who has impacted my life the most is mother. For as long as I can remember she has been my rock and has taught me so many things .Everything from learning to tie my shoes to developing into an intelligent young lady. Although there many experiences to reflect on concerning my life. The three experiences I remember the most are as followed: to never give up, learning the importance of going back to school, hard work pays off.
“Never give up” is a statement I would always hear my mother say as a little girl. Although I didn’t know what that meant at the time, life experiences have taught me to appreciate this statement. I had a hard time in school because I gave up on myself but my mother help me by showing me the way of tough love. The tough love that she have giving me and my two other brother .I know it was reason for everything she did for us .When I was young my dad left us for another women and left me, mother, and brother behind so my mother had to be both of the parents .I say my mother is my rock because even when my dad left my mother never gave up on us even when we do something wrong that she don’t like. She show me that it a cold
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I know now that hard work pays off a lot because even if I did drop out school. I still didn’t give up on myself. I went to job corps and I feel that it is a blessing for this place to be created for the ages just like me. I feel that hard work is good thing to do, because if you don’t do anything to work for how can learn anything without your parents. I realize I had to do this for myself not just for my mother but myself so I can grow up to be an independent young adult. I know I am not done learning but I am a person that almost gave up on her life but thank god that he gave me a strong mother that love me for