Personal Narrative: How Basketball Changed My Life

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In middle school, my life changed dramatically when I discovered my love towards basketball. I have always watched people play ball, but was not absolutely interested until 7th grade. After I established my passion towards basketball, I would go outside every day and play by myself and try to get better. I practiced hard and consistently hoping that one day I would get the opportunity to tryout for a real basketball team. That opportunity confronted me in the fall of my 7th grade year when I was able to try out for the Centennial basketball team. I went to all 3 days of tryouts and thought that I did really well; however, I soon discovered that I did not make it. The coach told me that I did well, but there were other people who did better. That day I was really disappointed and devastated, however, looking back on this experience, I realized that it really changed my …show more content…
It helped me realize that I had something to prove to everyone.. Getting cut from my school basketball team helped to change my life by encouraging me to always push myself, by improving my mental strength, and also by improving my physical strength.
One thing that changed was me being able to encourage myself to go the extra mile. Before I got cut from the team, I would always take the simple and easy way out. I would never
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Before basketball, I would rarely go to the gym to work out. I did not think that it was beneficial for me since I did not participate in any athletic sports. Instead of working out, I would just sit on the couch and watch movies for hours. I was not being very productive or healthy. Things changed after I got cut from basketball. Every day I would try to go to the gym and work out. I realized that if I wanted to further my chances of playing on a basketball team next year then I had to get in shape. If I would work out and keep my body healthy, I knew that I would see positive results on the