Personal Narrative: How Death Changed My Life

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At some point, all living creatures will encounter death, whether it be of a loved one or someone they never knew. As morbid as it sounds, death is a natural part of life that cannot be avoided. For some, death will rob them of their innocence, and for others, death will bring peace. No matter the struggle that follows, all plants, animals, and human beings will one day be face to face with death. For myself, none of these concepts existed until my grandpa passed away in 2009. The death of my grandfather was my first experience with someone passing, and I was thrown into the situation at full force. I was eleven years old, and in my little world death did not exist. I had heard of people dying, but it was never anyone directly involved in my life, so I never gave it much thought. My life was filled …show more content…
It entered into my world in what seemed like a gust of wind, and took with it part of my childhood. With the death of my grandfather came not only the loss of someone I loved but a loss of innocence. The next Christmas I no longer believed in Santa Clause, so we stopped attending the Christmas party that we were going to attend the day my grandpa passed. Death brings change to all of our lives, and in my situation I’m glad that it entered upon my life when it did. Although I miss my grandpa dearly, I’m am grateful that all the emotions that come with death were thrown on me when I was only eleven. Had death entered into my life when I was a few years older or even now, I’m afraid I wouldn’t handle it as calmly as I did. Once I let death into my world, I learned that there was no reason to fear it, for it is the final mystery of our lives, My grandpa had a beautiful funeral, filled with love, tears, laughter, and memories, just the way he would have wanted it. There are days where I miss him more than I miss the sunshine in the dead of winter, but the thought that one day I will pass just as he did brings me