Personal Narrative: How Divorce Changed My Life

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Here’s the scene; picture a family of five, as pleasant as could be, taking life one day at a time. Sounds nice so far, right? It gets worse from here. Now imagine that same family of five going down to a family of four. Why might you ask? Divorce, that’s why. Now, let reality seep into your imagination for a minute. That was my life, that’s what changed me. Growing up before my parent’s divorce, my siblings and I had a moderately comfortable life; occasionally when we did something wrong, we were punished for it, which I believe that is normal but uncommon in your everyday family. Why my parents got divorced is still beyond me, and anytime I asked my mother, I would forget her answer soon after. All I can say is that I was crushed from that point on. At some point during this time, we moved out of the house and moved in with my mother’s friend and her family, never to hear from my father again. Every day since then, I put on a facade to try and hide from …show more content…
I often avoid that question like it’s the plague as a result of what happened in the past can never be changed, for if it was different, I wouldn’t be who I am today. When I look back at my past, I realize what happened to me didn’t define who I was, it was what I did that made me who I am. Instead of breaking down and crying like the child I was, I pushed aside the cruel memories and I kept going. The same statement can be used for most of the hardships that happened in my life, such as changing schools. I pushed aside the fear of not knowing anybody and I made some new friends. In all, what I learned about myself is that I shouldn’t bottle up my emotions or my fears instead, I should accept the situation that was given to me, and move on with my life. Instead of asking how my life would be different, I like to believe that everything that happened in my life is preparing me for something phenomenal that will come in my