Personal Narrative: How Golf Changed My Life

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If golf could be as easy as it looked or as easy as it is to play on the Wii I would be a professional. But unfortunately that isn’t the case; this past summer I wanted to try something new and what I wanted to do was learn how to golf. I got myself some old clubs from the local Goodwill/DI store and I was set. The only thing I wasn’t ready for was how difficult it was going to be. If you have ever watched golf it might look pretty simple. You hit a small ball with a club and try to get it in a hole. My first step to learn how to golf was to try and learn the basics of the swing and the posture as well. I was in for a rude awakening when I first went to the driving range and could barely hit the ball. I thought everything would be alright since it was just my first time. As the summer wore on I practiced constantly and along with the time it took to put into this new hobby it …show more content…
I had realized how hard it was and what I had wanted to do was quit. I had seen no improvement in my golfing ability. I had put in so much time and quite a bit of money to do this and I just wanted to quit. But I just kept on going and continued my same process of going to the golf course and hit a bucket of balls splitting them mostly evenly between my clubs so I could improve my swing with each one. I finally felt I was ready to go real golfing on an actual golf course. I didn’t think that I would ever be able to because I couldn’t hit the ball very well. But I went anyways and thought it would be alright because not much people would be there. I was wrong; it was the day for the Senior Citizen League. When you hear the stereotype of old people being grouchy and impatient when they golf; those stereotypes are right. Things went pretty well though I had some pretty good shots while golfing the nine holes. But the most important thing was that I had improved and didn’t