Personal Narrative: How Grandpa Changed My Life

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How I live compared to how I’ve lived has inevitably changed. Losing someone I love is inescapable, but how I view the world after will undeniably be altered. I have an unconditional bond with my family, who spirits will live on with me forever. My Grandpa was a man who could have a whole room laughing with joy, a man who loved wholeheartedly, a man who has gone through a lot and still had an astonishing view on life. As he reached his older ages he got very ill with a disease called Alzheimer’s. Forgetting major parts of his life like his grandchildren, then his children, and eventually his departed wife was very hard for everyone; however, this man was one who never stopped loving and laughing. Every special event big or small, I could always expect my grandpa to be there. As a …show more content…
On the day of my grandpa’s death, I went over to his house for goodbyes as we knew the end was near. My Grandpa survived the great depression, was a World War II veteran, and raised a phenomenal family. He had a remarkable life, and sadly the end was near. When I arrived I knew this would be the last time seeing him. I gently grabbed his hand and looked at him in the most precious way, a way that can never be replaced or forgotten. Lying down in a bed full of soft cream color blankets, fluffy white pillows, and a peaceful tv hum, I gently grabbed his weakened hand. Looking at him in these valuable last moments I said my goodbyes; I expressed how much I loved him, and told him how he will be with me forever. Still holding his vulnerable hand I said “I love you” for the last time. I slowly started to pull my hand away when I felt a slight grasp on my palm. I heard a faint