Personal Narrative: How Moving Changed My Life

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Today I stand miles and miles from where I was born. I never thought I would move again. And again. And four more times. The idea was inconceivable for an eleven-year-old girl. Life was an endless cycle of days spent chasing ants, catching ladybugs, and blowing apart dandelions. One day, all of that disappeared. My father’s job was moving us again, this time, to Seattle, Washington. The transitions were always rough in the beginning. The first few days and sometimes the first month in a new location usually felt like a holiday, where everything was new and exciting. But by the end of the second month, I would start noticing that the people around me were very different - they would have thoughts and opinions that challenged my own. However, moving helped me get over my internal fear to face unfamiliar domains. Very soon I …show more content…
I have gone through the drama of high school, met some great people and formed my own opinions and beliefs. Leading projects, learning to play the violin and gaining my own real world experience are only a few of the things that had made this city a great place to live. Although I spent my childhood moving around, I had experienced more than other seventeen-year-olds. More people. More adventures. More perspectives. Every place I have lived has added a new dimension to myself and has shaped my attitude toward the world.
Moving around during my childhood also lends itself to what I want to study in the future: bioengineering. Being adaptable from a young age will prove useful in research, where I will often have to modify conditions to get the best results. As bioengineering has become more interdisciplinary, having applications in fields like computer science and nanotechnology, my openness to new ideas will be to my benefit. My unconventional upbringing was vital to shape the person I am today and will prove useful for my future