Personal Narrative: How Writing Changed My Life

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I am sitting with my two best friends: a paper and a pencil. I find myself in a place where I don't belong, the United States of America. A new world that implicates leaving my family behind. My young and lost mind need to adapt to a new system, a different language, and a seasonal weather. This reality makes me insecure. Should I be thankful for this opportunity? What about if I mess up? What about my uncertain future? I am another soul floating in the air, with an unsettled path of life. My shelter, my perfect empty room, is my escape from the real world, a place that allows me to question my purpose in life, what am I going to do? Who am I now? Am I another young girl who assumes she isn't ready to experience life on her own? Often times I feel like nobody understands my feelings or just don't care at all. The pillow covering my face is my only shoulder to cry on, the only one who understands that sadness hides behind the smile on my face. …show more content…
My eternal confident, always present, day and night. It allows me to be my true self; a free bird flying high. Writing transforms this nightmare into a dream, a world full of imagination that makes me feel at home. Peaceful melodies are all I can hear, no shouting, no talking it's just quiet and perfect. I get lost in the words written on the paper, it makes me feel like I finally belong. Free writing, no pressure, no need to be perfect, no grammar. What I express stays between me and my three best friends. My paper doesn't judge me for what I am writing, my pencil doesn't stop when I feel guilty, and writing strengthens the bond between all of us. It became my rock, stronger than the soft pillow that used to absorb my