Personal Narrative: I Am Yulduza

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Hi everyone, I am Yulduza and I am Anika’s maid of honor and best friend. I would like to start off with a short and sweet quote by Sarah Dessen, “There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heart beat, in a single flashing throbbing moment”. This quote perfectly describes Anika’s and Mekhi’s love story. I met both Anika and Mekhi in the third grade and we were all in the same homeroom. I actually became friends with Mekhi first, but later on in the year became very close with Anika and we bonded over our love for our tamagotchis. And ever since then we have been inseperable. Now many of us here most likely have that one friend who we are so close to and I am truly honored to say that Anika is that friend for me and I am honestly grateful for this opportunity to be speaking as her maid of honor at her wedding today. Anika is a great listener - she always wants to know how everyone is doing and she sincerely cares about what you have to say and she has shown this to me and many others over and over again for many years now. I remember when my grandfather passed away whom I was very close to in the sixth grade - I was heartbroken and sorrow. I felt …show more content…
They hung out a lot and enjoyed each other’s company. Now it wasn’t apparent to me until our junior year of high school that they were falling for each other. Anika would always light up whenever she was around him and she would constantly praise and gush over Mekhi. It wasn’t until January when Mekhi finally asked her out and it went from there. I have watched their relationship blossom over the years and it is amazing to see the serenity, happiness, and love they display/show when they are together. They bring out the best in each other and I could not ask for a better person for Anika to find or for Mekhi to find. I wish you endless years of happiness and love in this marriage! And